Series B

1. Ghana (in two parts, 1992), edited by R Rathbone

2. Sri Lanka (in two parts, 1997), edited by KM De Silva

3. Malaya (in three parts, 1995), edited by AJ Stockwell

4. Egypt and the Defence of the Middle East, 1945-1949 (in three parts, 1998), edited by John Kent

5. Sudan (in two parts, 1998), edited by Douglas H Johnson

6. The West Indies (in one part, 1999), edited by SR Ashton and David Killingray

7. Nigeria (in two parts, 2001), edited by Martin Lynn

8. Malaysia (in one part, 2004), edited by AJ Stockwell

9. Central Africa (in two parts, 2005), edited by Philip Murphy

10. Fiji (in one part, 2006), edited by Brij V Lal

11. Malta (in one part, 2006), edited by Simon C Smith