[Image: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, photographed in 2009. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]

Download PDF: BDEEP Series C Volume 2 – Records of the Cabinet, Foreign Office, Treasury and Other Records [185MB]

Volume Details: First published by The Stationary Office in 1998. Electronic version reproduced with permission of the editor under an Open Government Licence.

Editor Details: ANNE THURSTON is Founding Director of the International Records Management Trust. Thurston served as a member of the UK Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Public Records between 1994 and 2000, and in 2000 received an OBE for services to public administration in Africa. She is Editor of both volumes in BDEEP Series C, Sources for Colonial Studies in the Public Records Office.

Selection from Introduction:

This guide is published as a companion volume in the British Documents on End of Empire
Project and as a Public Record Office handbook… This second volume [of Series C, Sources for Colonial Studies in the Public Records Office] seeks to extend the researcher’s awareness of the involvement of other departments of state in colonial affairs, and of the relevant records they produced, during the twentieth century… Britain’s position as a world power, with a range of economic, political and strategic commitments and priorities, constitutes a central concern of the records now described.” (p.ix)